March 5, 2009


Alexander Technique Learning Experiences, Insights, New Developments, Practical Suggestions, Conversations, and Much More

“After working for a lifetime in this new field I am conscious that the knowledge gained is but a beginning…my experience may one day be recognized as a signpost directing the explorer to a country hitherto ‘undiscovered,’ and one which offers unlimited opportunity for fruitful research to the patient and observant pioneer.”F. Matthias Alexander

The blogs compiled here are the work of some of these explorers and observant pioneers. They contain a wealth of practical learning suggestions that can benefit everyone in the Alexander community.  Bringing all this information together in one place is the purpose of this blog.

Teachers and serious students are able to explore the new ideas and perspectives found here. Beginning students have access to a wealth of practical help and information. People who are considering lessons can get some idea of what to expect.  The interactive nature of many the blogs makes them ideal sources of help for anyone who would like to benefit from Alexander’s discoveries, but cannot find a teacher in their area, or who have limited access to a teacher.

As the number of Alexander Technique blogs has grown, it has become difficult to sift through them all.  Therefore, the most useful blog posts are now regularly posted on the Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique Facebook Page  There is also a new Facebook page devoted to Alexander Technique blogs – for AT bloggers (present and future!) and anyone interested in the AT blog scene.

Enjoy, learn and please send me – Robert Rickover – your comments and suggestions, using this contact page. If you are an Alexander Technique student, teacher or teacher-trainee, and would like to have your blog listed here, let me know.

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